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So, you have landed here to get some Best Business Ideas to start.

Remember to develop a business or industry, weather it may be small, medium or large, it’s almost equal like growing a tree.

Where you have to take care of the tree in initial days until their roots stand firm.

And once the roots become firm, the tree is ready to bear fruits which you can enjoy for lifetime.

7 Best Business Ideas With Low Investment

We have picked up ideas based upon following few factors –

Potential Earnings

These small business ideas mentioned here have the potential to be profitable now and even in future for many years.

Skills Required

You won’t need to have any kind of degree or educational qualification to start this small businesses. All you need to have is passion and a willing to learn and grow with required amount of persistence and consistency in efforts.

Low Investment Business

All of the ideas here, does not require any large amount of startup capital. But a nominal investment of around $100 would be sufficient.

Projected Industry Growth

All the business ideas listed below are after studying the growth trends of those particular industry. Based on pure analysis, these industries provides the best business opportunities for now and even in future.

Plan well for the success

“Failing to plan is a plan to fail.”
Having this quote in mind, plan you business well in advance before launching. Study the market of the product or service you are planning to offer.
I know all things doesn’t go as planed, but having a plan and setting goals can give you a blueprint of series of actions to take. Analyzing this actions and being flexible with plan with adjustments during journey is an important factor to succeed.

Here are our handpicked Best small Business ideas to make money (which are actually not small in itself, small to start but has huge opportunity to grow.

1. Blogging

Best Business Ideas - Blogging

Ever heard about blogging ? Do you wonder that how this could make money or even be a full time career for you ?

If no, then blogging is way of expressing your knowledge, information, interests, ideas, experience in writing form on your website and then promoting it and making money with various ad networks and affiliate programs. There are two most famous platforms to start blogging.

  1. Blogger by Google
  2. WordPress 

Potential Earnings.

Blogging in itself holds a huge potential for earning money. Many people have become millionaire just by blogging, while there are also thousands of people who are not able to derive peny form their blog.
Your earnings will all depend on multiple factors like how often you post a blog, quality of your content, competition in your niche and how effectively you are generating and maintain traffic on your blog.

Here you won’t start earning from day one. You need to have patients and work consistently at-least for 6 months to year, to get results.

You can know more about blogging here.

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Skills Required

No requirement of Degrees or a formal education.

Here you would have the to develop various skills like writing, SEO, marketing and generating traffic.

All of these skills you can develop by self-learning through various sources on internet like blogs, YouTube videos or even go for a online course.

You will have consistently learn and apply until you become a PRO.

Low Investment Business

Initially you don’t have to invest big amount of money. You can merely start with even $100.

You would just have to pay for domain name and hosting provider.

If you decide to buy a online course to learn, then that expense would add up and that would be more than $50-$150 or can learn from offline Digital Marketing Courses in your city

Projected Industry Growth

Future of blogging is very bright due increasing use of digital marketing.

As internet is penetrating and strengthening it’s roots, the scope of blogging will increase exponentially.

2. App Development

I know the first thought which came in mind would be – What if I don’t know coding? Can i still develop an app ?

The simple answer for it is YES, you can and that too easily. There are websites like AppGeyser and other services available out there where you can develop an app with an ease.

Potential Earnings

Earnings get skyrocketed in app development. Using Google Ad-mobs and other Ad networks or selling place for ads.
Even if you create a decent app which is actually helpful for people, which is solving some of their problem or weather it is Entertaining/Gaming app, then you can earn a good amount of money around $1000-$2000.

But if you have some amazing idea and reaches market potential then you could be millionaire or billionaire even.

Skills Required

At the first you need have an good idea to build app on. If you have this and also interested and passionate about it, you can then start developing you skill to design/develop app and to market it effectively.

Low Investment Business

Nominal amount of money is required to start your own app and Get it published on Play Store and App store.
This could range between $100-$200.

Also you can invest in learning courses to enhance your skills.

Projected Industry Growth

The growing advent of smartphones, along with apps that run on them is perhaps the largest technical phenomena in the recent times. Smartphones/Tablets has now become the remote control for our lives.
With revenue of $86 billion in 2014 and an annual growth rate of 27 per cent, global mobile apps economy is a fast growing technology across the world.

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3. Real Estate Agent

Potential Earnings

You would have probably heard this line which states “Real Estate is the industry which has created highest number of Millionaires”

You can get it from the sentence itself that it hold the potential to make you millionaire or even a Billionaire.

Skills Required

Skills required here are finding the right location and right property.
And most importantly marketing and dealing with people.
If you don’t know how to deal with people and to crack deals, you would probably suffer or have to invest time to learn it.

Best thing you can do is initially you can work under or take mentor ship from one who is already successful in this field and develop skills and then enter into it.

Low Investment Business

High investment is not required here. All you need to invest money is to build a online platform or you can use apps which already exist like Magic Bricks, 99 acres and so on.

Actually there is no Money required here.

To get more about Real Estate

Projected Industry Growth

Growth in Real Estate will never stop. Because of growing population, number of students/bachelor moving around various city’s for education and jobs are increasing.

And this people always find it difficult to get the property for them to live. So there’s a huge scope here.

Also the population is growing, but still the amount of land remains the same, which means that the prices of land and property is always gonna increase, especially if that land is cultivable.

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4. Tutoring Online/Offline

Potential Earnings

Earning potential totally depends on what level you are doing it online/Offline.
There is huge opportunity Online, this can be understood well by taking the example of Byjus learning app, which was developed by an offline tutor and now it has become a unicorn company itself.

So you can understand the potential of online tutoring.

Even you can take it large level offline.
You would have probably heard of some famous tuition classes academy in your city. Taking that example you can understand the potential in offline tutoring.

Skills Required

All you need is to understand that subject better. If you could understand it better yourself, then you can easily and clearly teach anything to anyone.

Also you require willingness and interests in teaching profession.

Low Investment Business

If you are going for Online mode, then you have two options
A. Build your own platform like app or website and upload your tutoring there.

B. Or you can sell your course on existing platform like Byjus and other online tutoring platforms.

But if you are going with offline mode, your requirements would be a room or even not that. You can make group of students and take tuition classes in any of students house.

Also you can take videos of this teachings which can be uploaded online and just do some proper marketing online to get leader and sales.

Later you can hire freshers under you and even expand your classes.

Potential Industry Growth

Offline tutoring still has potential, because people have not shifted wholly online.

And online tutoring and courses is huge growth opportunities due to deep penetration of internet and it’s growing users.

No wonder in coming days almost everyone will study online.

5. Network Marketing

Potential Earnings

The dedicated one here have became millionaire now in this industry.

But if don’t wanna do it till that extent, then too it has the potential to give you a great amount of passive income.

This is also one of the industry which has made large number of Millionaires.

If you could identify good companies and work strategically there, you can earn a huge amount of money.

Skills Required

Major skills required are Communication, Marketing and leadership skills.

The first skill needed to be developed is making connection with people. This is the marketing part, where the goal is to set a time for meeting in which you can show them the business presentation and let them decide if that is good fit for them or not.

Then you require well communication skills for sharing the business opportunity in a way that it fits to their life and conditions, so that they can relate weather to join or not. This skill needs to be developed on your own and try out various methods and look what works and what not.

Low Investment Business

Initially you just have to invest money to join the company. This investment can be a small amount or sometimes even a big amount depending upon the company and product/services they are providing.

Here, you have to make a good decision between the budget you have and the good company with useful product and a good business opportunity.

Projected Industry Growth

Networking Marketing is one of the fastest growing industry world-wide. It has a very huge potential to offer employment and growth in the coming years.

Direct selling is one of the oldest, most traditional forms of selling products globally, which involves a direct interaction between the seller and the buyer. Today, it is a successful industry operating in over 100 countries with a market size of $167 billion.

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6. Food Vendor/Stall/Bus

Surprising ?
But that hold a very great opportunity to start your own company like McDonald’s, KFC. It all started with selling burgers or chickens on vendors/stalls and today we all know how large are these companies are.

Potential Earning

These food selling industry has an average margin of over more than %50 on selling prices.

Profits are huge here, all you have to do is have great quality food products which people love eating, maintain and enhancing its quality over the period of time according to market tastes.

An most important to have your vendor/bus in right location where lot of people gather like outside of college/university, public places and so on.

Selecting your location is most important task of these industry, if you are at remote place where hardly people visit, then whatever be your quality hardly you are gonna get traction and generate sales.

Skills Required

You don’t need to be professional cooking expert to start your own food vendor/stall. All you need to is the passion for you are doing.

If you are passionate about cooking, great but f you are not that’s too fine. You can hire some good cook locally and prepare a good quality recipe with him and try to add some secrets in it, so that you can scale your business.

Then you can selecting the right location and manage it properly.
Manage your funds properly and have a plan to grow and scale within your city first and taking it beyond.

Low Investment Business

Investment totally depend upon what type of food you are selling on your food vendor/stall.
You can even take the stalls or bus on rent initially and start you business.

Start small but dream big to expand it globally.

Projected Industry Growth

The whole Globe is your, growth depends upon your ability to grow and expand it.

Weather you can grow it and take globally like McDonald’s / KFC or grow within your city / state.

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7. Affiliate marketing

Potential Earnings

Same like other business ideas, people have reached millionaire status through affiliate marketing.
Just google about the top earners in affiliate marketing or average earnings in affiliate marketing and you will be amazed to see that.

Skills Required

This is affiliate marketing, so being a good marketer is a must in this business.Creativity can help you find various interesting angles for your campaigns.

Being an affiliate marketer requires some basic technical knowledge.

You also need to learn how to build landing pages, set up your tracker, and deal with various issues that come up along the way. This is the bare minimum of technical knowledge you will need to get started with affiliate marketing.

If your are a newbie then taking a course would be great deal for you

Low Investment Business

Nominal investments would be required to built a online platform to promote the products. This platform can be your Blog, YouTube channel or something else.

Also if you go for course, that could cost you some money, but that will be worth investing.

Projected Industry Growth

Having been forecast-ed to reach amount of $6.8 billion by 2020, affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing channel that advertisers and publishers are extensively using to get in front of the right audience and monetize their content. As consumers will add more devices and their shopping experiences become more digitally-led, we will continue to see a great deal of innovation and growth in affiliate to keep pace with evolving habits and behaviors.

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None of the business are small, every business has great potential to grow in itself. Just all you need is passion for it and work towards anyone of it delicately.