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Life saving straw!! Yes you heard it right, showcasing our first Invention blog and its life saving..haha

Representing you one of the most Savior invention of all time i.e “LifeStraw”.

The name itself denotes its meaning i.e a Savior.

As we all know the how the world is facing shortage of water and unpolluted water problem. Also, recently the news came that CapeTown will soon run out of water.

In 21st Century were the world is advancing so fast and weare facing shortage of water. Seriously!!

And too scientists have estimated that cities like

  1. São Paulo
  2. Bangalore
  3. Beijing
  4. Cairo
  5. Jakarta
  6. Moscow
  7. Istanbul
  8. Mexico City

will face this problem.

See let me clear you, we are facing shortage of water(clean and drinkable), but we have enormous salty and dirty water. This startup purifies dirty water which is 99.99% drinkable.

Yes 99.99% !!

That means you can drink dirty water.

Sounds crazy? but its true

What is Life straw and What it removes/filters:-

LifeStraw is a small purifier which purifies contaminated water and makes it drinkable water. It filters down to an incredible, 0.2 microns in size! This virtually removes all the bacteria (99.9999%) and protozoa (99.9%) from contaminated water, and reduces turbidity (muddiness) by filtering out suspended particles.

It is designed to filter water for drinking. It filters a maximum of 4000 litres of water, enough for one person for 3 years if one uses it daily by drinking 2-3 litres everyday.

Chemicals, salt water and viruses will not be removed.


Featured products of life straw:-


Life straw

This is specially made for trekkers,travellers,etc. which let them drink water any time.But it don’t facilitates to store water.


This is my favourite one, it lets you store water i.e there’s n need tolook for wter just store and drink.

For Family

This is specially for underdeveloped aarea where clean water is not available and it lets family to drink contaminated water.





1.It is very easy to use! Just drink directly from a river, pond, lake, etc.

2.Contains no chemicals, and is BPA(bisphenol A)free.

3.Portable and very light weight just 57 grams, measuring 9 inch long and 1 inch diameter.

4.Comes with one year manufacturing warranty.

5.Filters 1,000 liters of water  to 0.2 microns.

6.Removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, protozoon parasites, including Giardia and Cryptosporidium (>LOG 3 reduction).

7.Has a proven to be used in the harshest conditions since 2005.


Awards and Recognition:-

Time Magazine’s Invention Of The Year – 2005

Saatchi & Saatchi Award for World Changing Ideas – 2008

Well-Tech 2006 Innovation Technology Award

“Gadgets for Disaster Zones” BBC May – 2011.



After every use, backflush your LifeStraw by blowing air back to the mouthpiece to purge all remaining water caught within the filter. In case you have access to clean water, suck some into the filter and backflush it again. Give it several shakes and keep both ends open to air dry at room temperature.