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I got to know that you were thinking of starting a blog. Right ?
Great idea!

So, you have landed on the right page where your thinking will be converted into reality, if you truly follow the steps described here.

So before getting started let me Clear you the myths related to Blogging.

Because like any other industry, blogging also has some myths too.
And many times, people consider this myth as true and that’s what stopping people from succeeding.

You have to unlearn/forget the wrong ones before learning right ones.



 You need to be Lucky

Luck has nothing to do with success in blogging.
All the successful Pro Bloggers out there, didn’t become PRO in one day, didn’t had 10000 visitors from day one or didn’t earn $1000 overnight.

They worked hard. They tried various things and learned, what works after lot of trial and errors. They spent hours on writing and promoting.

One Step after another….
Month by month …..
Posts by post …..
And then They succeeded.

 You need huge audience and million hits

That doesn’t really hold true.
All you need is right audience.
We have seen people making good amount of money with email list of just 1000.
And also people making pennies with email list of lakhs.

 Blogging is free

No, it’s not free at least if want to be successful and earn money.
At least You must have a domain name and decent hosting to start with.

 You need to be Techy

For success in blogging, you don’t need to be tech-savy.
If you are, that’s great.
But If you are not, it’s fine.

 You have to be great writer

Not everyone is a good writer.
Many of the blogger out there are still learning and polishing their craft to write better.
You don’t need to be great writer, but you must be willing to.

You must be ready to learn and also write more and regularly.
Because that’s the only way to get better.

 You have to blog everyday

Many people quit blogging, because they think that they need write a blog everyday to succeeded.
Its not about quantity, it’s about your quality of posts.

You just need to have a schedule (like two or three blog every week), it definitely helps.

 If you blog, visitors will come

Not at all.
Many people hold this wrong belief that if they just blog posts, visitors will automatically come.
Getting your content in front of audience is as important as writing blog posts.

Invest more time in promoting than writing.

So, if you have cleared all the myths out of your mind.

Here are 5 simple steps to start your own blog:-

1. Select the right niche

By saying the right niche, I don’t mean that you need to select that gets highest number of traffic, but a niche that you are most interested in and would love spending time to read and write about it. If you don’t select the niche of your interest, soon you will get bored and quit blogging.

So, Do select a niche that you are most interested in.

2. Select the blogging platform

There are two most famous blogging platform I.e Blogger and WordPress. Both of they have there own pros and cons.

 Firstly, Blogger is very good platform for beginners and if you don’t want to invest or if you are willing to invest less money.

There were two option for you in Blogger:-

1. If you don’t want to invest, you can go for

2. If you want to invest small amount of money, you can buy your own domain and have blog on your own domain name( i.e blogspot will be removed from your blog name.

Main advantage of using blogger is that it provide free hosting. It doesn’t matter how much visitors your blog get, even if you get lakhs of visitors, blogger has the capacity to host.

The disadvantage to using blogger is that you don’t have control over your blog, google can even remove content from your blog without even notifying you. Also it has limited customization option and themes are also limited.

 Secondly, WordPress is best to go with, if you are willing to invest more money. Here you have to invest to buy domain and hosting.

But once you have invested you will have all the control on your blog. You can customize as per your will. Also it has many professional themes available to choose from.

It’s main advantage is that you get option to download as much plugins as you want. And these plugins are very helpful and free to make your blog professional and also SEO friendly.

 3. Select a web hosting and domain for your blog

If your going with Blogger, there’s no any issue with hosting. Hosting is free on blogger.

But if you are starting your blog with WordPress then you need to invest time to select the right host for your blog as per your requirement and budget.

There are many options available out there.

Here are some mentioned for you

1. Site Ground – $3.95/month ( has one step WordPress installation)
2. Bluehost – $2.95/month (cheapest if you are looking for 3 year plan
3. GoDaddy – Low cost and also easy for making payments from India through debit card.

You also have an research and look for review of different hosting and go for one according to your need.

For domain, you need to select the domain that is related to your niche.

Select the domain name that you think is appropriate for your blog and niche.

Research the domain of other competitors in your niche, so that you will get an idea about it.

4. Designing your blog website

If your are starting with blogger, you can either go the themes provided or can even install and customize your theme. Or you can watch video on YouTube and learn.

If you are at choosing WordPress, you can select from huge range of professional theme available on WordPress. After activating your selected theme you can customize it according to your will.

Try to make your blog as professional and good looking as you can. This matters for maintaining the traffic on your blog. Even if your blog post is good but the theme and appearance isn’t impressive, visitors won’t stay for long on your blog.

 5. Writing your First post and creating social media Community

Write you first blog post on the topic your are interested in and would like to write about. Before writing, go through some of the similar blogs so that you will get an idea on what to write about and what must be covered in that blog.

Your first post don’t needs to be perfect, you will learn and write better as you move on this journey.
The most important step after writing blog is promoting it.
Create account on Google plus, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora and so on.

After posting you blog post.

Share the link of your blog post to all the social media accounts and also try to built community on social media by increasing followers, so that your blog visitors will increase.

You so need to set your routine like of posting 5 post on social media per week.
Your this consistent posting will built an community on your social medias.

If you just start with the simple steps explained above, you can kickstart your blogging journey and the most important thing if you are consistently writing quality posts and also maintain your social media accounts along with consistently learning and improving you blog, your success is sure.

All the best for your blogging journey.

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