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Network Marketing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sector and most efficient way to earn a livable income. The profession offers opportunity to many people to be their own boss, set their own hours, and work towards their own success. It is a big commitment, but network marketing can be a very lucrative career for every age group especially for youngsters. But only few actually take actions.

You can live your dream life and manage a successful career in which you are your own boss.

Network marketing is the ideal opportunity to become financially strong and make money doing something that you are really passionate about.

It is one of the most growing profession, especially in developing countries.

Many developing countries are looking forward into it and to releasing their guidelines related to MLM.

And too, recently Government of India has  released the guidelines on MLM that shows it’s a  Legal profession.

Many people avoid MLM based on misinformation. One of the major problem of MLM is, it’s surrounded by so much hype. While many companies try to temper their enthusiasm, too often the programs are promoted in a way that suggest you make big money fast with very little effort.


So before starting working for a company read the following points:-

1. Check, whether the company is registered on government’s company registration site(choose wisely).

2.When did the company registered itself(date).

3.Most important is company’s product. Let me alert you in this scenario company’s trust and worth is determined by its product that is how useful are they to you. ALERT, If company is providing some schemes like Insurance, offer and coupons, etc. rather than product, I would recommend that you don’t join the company.

4.Know that the product provided by company is manufactured by company own or is it promoting other company’s product.

5.Compare the price of company’s product by searching online or by visiting your local market.I will recommend the company which manufacture product by itself rather than promoting other company’s product. As it signifies the company is genuine. Also, the company is not agent/broker which is takes commission.

6.Compare the joining cost of company by its product price. Remember don’t join the company if its joining cost is more than the actual price of the product, join by analyzing joining cost and product provided.

7.Know the reputation of company in the market. Research about it.

8.Most important is that you must keep in mind that starting 3 months are really going to tough for you, like really. Once your team is ready then it will be somewhat easy for you to work.

9.Work like a Beast. Remember success don’t come over night.

10.Consistency and patience is key to success in network marketing.


How to work in MLM:-

STEP 1:-

Take little efforts and Join 3 people under you. This is mandatory. Joining 3 people is not a huge task, anyone can do this.

To join this 3 people under you, meet 10 People and out of that 3 will surely join, and if you choose the right 10 people, you will surely get more than 3 that can reach to 5-6 0r 10 too.(This is because of lack of awareness).         Now question comes “How to choose right people?”

Here are some characteristics of right people:-

  •  He/She must have burning desire to do something on his own.
  • Strugglers who are struggling in some another field with their full efforts.
  •  Person who is in search of part-time/full-time job.
  •  Person who is in need of Money.
  •  Person who is always ready to try new things, curious person.

Step 2 :- 

Once you have three people under you, your 50% work is done. Then your first job is to teach them how to make list of people, as stated in Step – 1. Your second job is to teach them how to give plan effectively, and lastly your job is to support/encourage them till they get their first 3.

Step 3 :-

As you thought and encouraged your first 3. Tell your first three to teach and encourage their first three and help them getting their 3.

If these 3 simple steps are followed properly, automatically a culture will develop throughout your chain and your chain will grow automatically.
Focus on developing culture, rituals and Habits.


MLM success; however, isn’t automatic or necessarily easy. One mistake many new network marketers make is in not treating their new venture as the business it is. Just because MLM businesses come pre-made with a business module, doesn’t mean it will run itself.So, for sucess in MLM you need to put your efforts.

Hope it was Helpful.

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