10 Reasons Why You Won’t Become Rich | BeYourBoss

 Today, I am gonna share with you the 10 reason why you won’t be rich. Also, some of you are not going to like this article, because you would say that a ­part of this article is me. But, it will help you monitor your life and take your life at next level to become rich.
 Lets begin.

 # You Don’t Like Rich People

 If you don’t like Rich people, you are not gonna become one. It’s very simple. If you always criticize rich people stating various reasons like This peoples are greedy for money and power, this peoples do illegal things and so on, then you are not gonna become rich. Because instead of learning fro them, you are criticizing them.
 Also the problem with you is that you believe that a person can get rich only by doing illegal practices. And too sometimes you don’t know the real picture, believing in someone’s talk can lead you to misconceptions.

This kind of mind set is never gonna make you rich.

# You Think Rich People Are Special  

 You think that people who are wealthy or became rich are much more special than you are. It’s one of the biggest misconception in the world.
 They become rich because at some point of time in their life they said to themselves “I think i can do something with my life, I may sick off. I should figured out certain talents of mine and start working on it. My life sucks now and I want a change it” And they changed. It’s as simple as that.
 You can do that as well.

#You Don’t Spend Enough Time Learning 

Let me explain it to you “why”.
I want you to Go on your YouTube channel history or Google browsing history and watch last 20 videos/searches you have done. And categorize them into entertainment and educational. If more than 50% of history is entertainment, then you you are not committed to becoming wealthy. You are more committed to Becoming entertained.
 Now, Go to YouTube and see top trending videos and you will find that those are just entertainment videos rather than any valuable learning videos.
 Because the world is not fully wanting to know the secrets of life, business and entrepreneurship. They just want to be entertained. This is how Hollywood and Bollywood is making tons of money, because they know most of the world is fully committed to be entertained.

#People Easily Make You Feel Guilty

 People can easily make you feel guilty about the decisions that you make. Your friends, Gf, Bf, anyone says you anything and you feel guilty.
 Everything to you is about making you feel guilty and get crippled by everybody.
And this leads us to next point.

# You Worry Too Much About 

What People Think About Me ?
You Worry way too much about people’s opinion on you.And this habit is never gonna help you become rich. 
 According to surveys it has been known that in the age of 15-25 people thinks too much about other peoples opinion, 25-30 people thinks less and after 35 they just don’t get affected by anyone’s point.

#You Care Too Little About What Right People Think About You 

I will tell you what are the right people.
The right people are the ones who are
  • Helping you get at next level.
  • The ones who cares for you
  • Customers who are buying from you i.e the customers who gives you feedback on your product/services.
  • Trying you educate about Business, Entrepreneurship and Life.
You worry too less about these guys. And worry way to much about the people who have no desire for you to grow.

#You Listen To Everything Your Parents Tell You To Do 

 Our parents raised us, and we all love them a lot.
 But our parents are not Entrepreneurs. They have never been in stocks, mutual funds and other investments neither they are millionaire/billionaires, so how can they teach us to be rich ?
 Some you will be say it is so insulting, but it is not.
Suppose, If a person wants to be professional football, he/she needs to trained under a professional football coach. He can’t be trained by a businessman.
 In the same way your parents are not gonna teach you how to become millionaire, unless they did it.
If they did, go and take their counsel.

# To Loyal To Family Tradition 

 By tradition here I mean the traditions of finance and money, not those tradition of prayers, eating together and so on.
 Your family is not millionaire because there’s something fault in money and financial tradition.
You need to change it, if you want to become rich.

# You Are Expert At Making Excuses 

Literally, anything happens to you in life you have great excuse. If you are such kind of person, money is not attracted to excuses. 

#Your Attitude Sucks 

 If your attitude sucks, no one is attracted by such an personality. If your attitude is always complaining and bitching about what’s going in your life, people don’t want to be around you.
 Think about it this way, if you have seen a guy who dates a hot girl, even if he’s not that attractive. What do you think, how he does that?
 It’s not because he is physically attractive, but his personality is attractive, his attitude is attractive. She just wants to be around him, he has the ability to make that girl feel special, makes her laugh and let her enjoy.
 In the same way money is turned around with a great attitude.
It’s simple just have a great attitude.Now, do you know what’s the good news?
We all have got one great thing in life.
That’s….You have a choice.
 You can choose to be rich. Decide now and change that habits that is taking you away from being rich.
Stop complaining, stand up and Take control of your life.
And try to BeYourBoss.